Railroad Heritage no. 34, Railroad Art Today

Railroad Heritage no. 34

Expanded, 36-page issue featuring an in-depth look at current trends among railroad artists by Alexander Craghead. The article includes interviews with and sample work from twenty-three artists as well as analysis and context from arts editors and museum curators. Center member Richard “Dick” Neumiller shares a gallery of historic and colorful photographs depicting Kansas City’s railroads in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, in conjunction with the 2013 annual meeting of the Lexington Group in Transportation History, hosted by the Kansas City Southern Railway. Read John Gruber’s story of Frank Williams, an African-American from Mississippi who came north to become a freight car repairman for Illinois Central in Chicago and the patriarch of a large and successful Chicago family. He is one of the fifty portrait subjects featured in the Center’s exhibition of Jack Delano’s World War II railroad photographs at the Chicago History Museum.

$9.95, 36 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage no. 33, Steam in American Culture

Journal of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art

In-depth look at the steam locomotive in American culture, from the country’s first railroads to the present day, with a focus on nineteenth and early twentieth century paintings. The article also includes photographs by Joel Jensen and David Plowden. Read the story of John Walter, a Chicago & North Western conductor in businessman’s clothes, who invested well and retired to Wisconsin after a long career on the C&NW working out of Proviso Yard, just west of Chicago. He is one of the fifty portrait subjects featured in the Center’s exhibition of Jack Delano’s World War II railroad photographs at the Chicago History Museum. There is also a recap of the wildly-successfull Conversations about Photography 2013 and a book review of Glenn P. Willumson’s Iron Muse by Kevin Keefe, a Center board member and editorial vice president of Kalmbach Publishing.

$7.95, 28 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage no. 32, Conversations, VanDenburgh, Eidenbenz

Railroad Heritage no. 32

Preview of Conversations about Photography 2013, including a profile of presenter Steve VanDenburgh, written by David C. Lester. Lorenz Degen of Switzerland provides a biographical sketch and selected photographs of Fred Eidenbenz, a Swiss immigrant who photographed American railroads extensively in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Center executive director Scott Lothes offers an overview of preserving railroad photographs, including steps you can take to prepare your own photography collection for archiving and preservation.

$7.95, 24 pages, color and b/w.

Railroad Heritage No. 31, NS Company Photographer

Railroad Heritage no. 31

Profile of Norfolk Southern’’s recently appointed company photographer, Casey Thomason, a presenter at Conversations about Photography 2013. (A full-time photography position at a railroad? Shades of the past! And very welcome, too.) There is also a spread of Hal Lewis’’s work from the 1950s until recently, especially notable because (1) he has given his photographs and negatives to the Center, and (2) because he was in the forefront of making railroad photography and railfandom into a diverse racial community. Then there’’s an exceptionally rare 1850s daguerreotype of an Illinois Central locomotive at Bloomington, Illinois. More than 160 years of railroad photography represented in one issue.

$7.95, 24 pages, color and b/w.

Railroad Heritage No. 30, Pennsylvania Railroad

Extensive survey of Pennsylvania Railroad company photography and the importance of the railroad’s images. Update on the Chicago Project and Pablo Delano’s July 2012 Chicago visit to photograph descendants of his father’s portrait subjects. Tribute to early railfan photographer Fred Jukes. Gallery of railroad photographs from Peoria (Illinois).

$9.95, 36 pages, color and b/w.