Trains Newsletter Features

Once each month, the Center provides a feature story for the Trains magazine e-newsletter, covering a wide range of topics in railroad photography and art. We encourage our members to submit ideas for future use.

September 2013, The Potential of Additive Art, by Alexander Craghead

August 2013, Photographic immortality, by Scott Lothes

July 2013, Beyond the train, by John Sanderson

June 2013, Chicago Panorama: images from Stuart Klipper, by Drake Hokanson

May 2013, From the mainline, by Michael Froio

April 2013, Contest Objective: Creative Images, by John Gruber and Mel Patrick

March 2013, Railroad photography and the lasting influence of painting, by Alexander B. Craghead

February 2013, Preserving railroad photographs, by Scott Lothes

January 2013, The 3 principles of great railway station photos: The best compositions tell a story using time, space, and activity, by Todd Halamka

December 2012, Seeing time move: A Q&A with Ellen Skye, a railroad photographer capturing the bursts of color and speed that interrupt the quiet solitude of the Southwest, by Scott Lothes

November 2012, How I photographed a long-distance train ride: A railfan and photographer coordinates an exhibit of 150 images, one to represent each hour aboard a train on his trip through the West, by Roger Varland

October 2012, Alternatives in Railroad Preservation, by Davidson Ward

September 2012, How to Create Memorable Railroad Photos, by Todd Halamaka

August 2012, A New Landmark for Railroad Workers, by John Gruber

July 2012, What do Photographer Andrew J. Russell, the Civil War, and Union Pacific Railroad have in common?, by John Gruber

June 2012, John Walker Barriger III: He Healed Railroads Using Pictures, by Scott Lothes

May 2012, The Railroad as Space, not Place, by Alexander Craghead

March 2012, Taking a fresh look at the transcontinental railroad, by Drake Hokanson

February 2012, A Railfans for All Seasons, by John Gruber

January 2012, Railroad Graffiti: Close-Up, by Andrea Fuhrman and Scott Lothes