Railroad Heritage, Summer 2018: Katherine Botkin, Catherine Gibbs

Katherine Botkin “married into” railroad photography and came to make the pursuit her own, having visited more than twenty countries in search of steam. She shares her story and experiences in her cover feature, “What I did for love.” Artist Catherine Gibbs uses railroad imagery to explore themes of both loneliness and hope with vivid, expressionistic paintings that feature bold colors and strong brushstrokes. Author Janusz Mrozek investigates her work in his article, “Railroad expressionism.” This issue’s columns explore metadata, Dutch travel posters, and our new Wallace W. Abbey exhibition. Curator Alexander Benjamin Craghead offers his interpretation of a photograph from our new project, After Promontory: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Transcontinental Railroading, which we are preparing for next year’s sesquicentennial of the completion of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. You can also read three book reviews and learn about our own newest book, Beebe and Clegg: Their Enduring Photographic Legacy.

$7.95, 48 pages, color and b/w

Railroad Heritage 53: Summer 2018