Memorable Photographers: Creative, Almost Forgotten

We are planning to recognize some of the creative, almost forgotten photographers from the 1940s and 1950s who are no longer living–those who brought so much life to the end of the steam era. The list here is a beginning. Suggestions are welcome.

This photo by Bruce Fales shows two Baltimore & Ohio locomotives pushing on the rear of a coal train near Terra Alta, West Virginia, in June 1948. Fales is one of the creative, almost forgotten photographers included in the March 20 program. Jay Williams collection (
  • Wayne R. Brumbaugh, Boston, Massacuhusetts, 1912-1978;
  • Kent Cochrane, New Britain, Connecticut, 1925-1967;
  • Fred Eidenbenz, Lucerne, Switzerland, 1894-1970;
  • Bruce Fales, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1908-1993;
  • Donald W. Furler, Glen Rock, New Jersey, 1917-1994;
  • Dana D. Goodwin, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 1897-1982;
  • Glenn G. Grabill, Lancaster, Ohio, 1911-2003;
  • Jack M. Holst, Portland, Oregon, 1934-1972
  • H. L. Kelso, Los Angeles, 1899-1973;
  • Alfred W. Johnson, Chicago, 1896-1972
  • A. C. Kalmbach, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1910-1981;
  • Henry J. McCord, Geneva, Illinois, 1910-1957;
  • W. R. Osborne, Trenton, New Jersey, 1896-1971;
  • Carlton Parker, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1896-1971;
  • Frank J. Quin, Easthampton, Long Island, New York, 1912-1989;
  • H. Reid, Norfolk, Virginia, 1925-1992
  • H. D. Runey, Horseheads, New York, 1918-1983;
  • Henry P. Stearns, Watertown, Conn., 1899-1979.